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We just released our latest Android update with a new magic search and beautiful workspaces. Our new mobile search includes things as type-ahead suggestions, search by synonyms, multiple tag-combinations and word fragments as well as voice and full-text search. We believe this currently the best search experience on a mobile phone and looking forward to your review.
With our new workspaces across all platforms you can create individual workspaces like Family, Trip to Tokyo or Christmas 2013. You will love our handcrafted icons to visualize the meaning of each workspace.

As featured on 9to5mac, GigaOM, Lifehacker, Mashable, TechCrunch, TNW and many more.
"With powerful tagging, search, automatic intelligent sorting and a whole lot more, doo is one of the most complete cloud management apps to date." –

• Access to all your local and cloud documents
• Automatic intelligent tagging
• Mobile scanner (PDF)
• Optical character recognition (OCR)
• Automatic document import from email
• Always in sync with doo apps on your other devices

Mobile Scanning
Hold your device over any document, receipt, business card etc. and the advanced scan assistant automatically captures the best possible image. This image is saved as searchable PDF to your preferred storage location such as Dropbox or the doo library. doo automatically performs OCR and auto-tagging to allocate relevant tags to your document. Your document is then available on all your connected devices. Mobile scanning and getting organized has never been that easy.

Access all your documents
Connect your cloud storage locations and email accounts to doo. doo for OS X lets you also connect your document folders on your desktop device to your doo account. doo will automatically perform OCR if needed and apply intelligent algorithms for auto-tagging to all documents in connected storage locations.

Search and edit
Based on intelligent tags, doo will let you experience the next generation document search. Search and find any document in seconds, whether it's stored on your desktop device, in cloud storage locations or in your emails. Find a preview with all important information contained and touch to open the document with your preferred app. Add additional tags and flags to any document manually and selectively download only those documents you really need.

Always in sync
The doo apps on your connected devices are always in sync. Access to both local- and cloud-stored documents plus the ability to scan documents to your preferred storage location combined with powerful OCR and auto-tagging algorithms make doo an invaluable companion for managing your documents.

How doo makes your life easier...
• Never be unprepared, always have all your documents at hand
• Find anything in seconds with the help of intelligent tags
• Scan documents, receipts etc. with your iPhone and let doo organize them for you
• Stay in sync and always access the current version of any document
• Relax – now you always have everything you need right there in your pocket

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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