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Doolphy is an online project management software application for planning, managing and ... More

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Published 27 Jan 2012

It's hard to imagine a more comprehensive total project management app than  Doolphy. This online set of tools is perfect for all aspects of planning and management control for all of your projects with the emphasis on collaboration and communication with your team and client. It's array of tools includes everything you will need to track everything that is going on under your virtual roof.
Doolphy is an intuitive online project management software application for planning, managing and controlling projects and tasks. It helps you in making the collaboration and communication with your team really easy.  Doolphy includes timesheets, expenses, project templates, task dependencies, file sharing, Gantt charts, financial and time reports, user stats, roles and permissions, Excel export, comments on tasks, activity notifications, recent history and secure connections. It also includes Smart Planner - the first smart planning assistant. It allows you to define your goals, collaborate, work with your team, collaborate all your projects in real time, check any available stats and track the progress of your projects. There is also plenty of analytical tools available allowing you to measure how goals are being achieved, analyze the flow of work graphically, find out the profitability of your projects as well as possible deviations in forecasts.
There are plenty of project management tools available but few have the features that Doolphy contains. This professional looking and easy to use set of tools has all the usual suspects when you are looking for a cost effective way of overseeing all your projects and allowing you to collaborate and communicate with all relevant parties.  There are several pricing plans available from a low 12€ per month for small businesses up to 100€ for the bigger accounts with unlimited access. Doolphy is hard to ignore.

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