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Find the clues to escape from these beautiful rooms

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Published 12 Dec 2013

If it’s an addictive game you are looking for, it's hard to go past a decent 'escape' game. Doors&Rooms turned into a bit of a phenomenon when released on iOS last year and now this beautiful and wonderfully perplexing game is available for free on your Android too. Don't know what an 'escape' game is? Well, it's one of those "Myst"-like conundrum games where you have to use your brain to find various objects hidden in the room. Those objects then help you find other objects and weaponry that enables you to finally open the door and escape to the next level. Doors&Rooms offers beautifully illustrated rooms, clever clues and tricks to keep you enthralled for ages.
Doors&Rooms is a never-ending battle of wits that will keep you occupied for plenty of time. Believe me, I'm not a great gamer, but this one hooked me in early on and is a gloriously addictive piece of work. The idea of the game is simply to escape from a beautifully rendered room. The trouble is, the door is locked and barred and it will take all your intelligence and nous to find the correct combination of items that can be used to escape. It's easy to play but not quite so simple to master. Scan the room for drawers, keys, ancient tools and other tricks and then search for the right boxes and find the combination to aid your escape. Be careful though, because one...