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Find the clues to escape from these beautiful rooms

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Published 12 Dec 2013

[cont'd] simple mistake or forgotten sequence can cost you everything. Just use your finger to scroll over the room and double tap to add items to your inventory for later use. You might have to find a key for a lock, play a sequence of notes in the right order or smash something to pieces in order to solve the puzzle, escape from the room and move onto the next level. Doors&Rooms features various themed backgrounds with ever evolving difficulty levels but its really the quality of the backgrounds and the clever gameplay that are the most spectacular here. The app features an intuitive user interface and you can even pick up a few free game coins as you go, if you are smart. And if you are not so smart, there are countless walk throughs on the Internet to get you there.
The evolution of the smartphone - with it's touch screen capabilities  - has revolutionized the gaming platform over the last few years. The quality of images is quite astonishing these days. Doors&Rooms' takes full advantage of this as its graphic quality is better than anything I've seen in an 'escape' app up till now. For a non-gamer like myself, its essential to be sucked into a game by its visual impact and i found myself engrossed in its beautiful landscapes straight away. The app's gameplay almost takes you back to board games like 'Cluedo' but, rather than finding out that Mr Mustard committed the...