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Developer description

Dorsal is Australia's only shark reporting app and the fastest way to get notified of all shark sighting in Australia.

A free download on Android and iPhone, Dorsal combines content curated from over 50 shark sighting resources throughout Australia as well as a crowd sourced shark sightings to immediately alert beach goers.

The public can also submit their own sightings and photos from within the app, which are then vetted by Dorsal staff before being passed through to Dorsal user.

In addition to the apps, Dorsal also immediately pushed its reports out to its website, as well as Facebook and Twitter pages, ensuring complete coverage regardless of the users preferred medium.

Key features of the app include:
- Latest sightings and alerts from the public and authorities
- Sightings provided in list and map view with location and time (last 12hrs, last 24hrs, last week and all time) filtering
- Immediate Push notification of shark sightings within 50kms of your current GPS or Favourite locations
- Submit your own sighting to warn others of current sharks in your area
- Detail the location, time, type of shark, length, distance from shore, conditions and photos for your Shark Report

Last updated 3 Dec 2015

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