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Published 21 Dec 2012

It's always surprised me that there wasn't an easy way to work out how much of your data limit on your mobile Internet you have left. There have been plenty of occasions over the years when my super fast Internet suddenly slowed back to a snail's pace because I'd exceeded my monthly limit. If I'd known, I would have put off downloading that movie or app for a couple of days until the new month kicks in. There is nothing worse than a slow Internet and some will pay penalty charges or 'top-up' their service to get them through. Obviously this is a worldwide problem because Download Meter has featuring as one of the top ten paid apps in over fifty countries so far. This iOS app works on a very simple premise. When you get close to your will tell you straight away.
Download Meter works in such an easy, straightforward way that it's a wonder that it isn't standard issue with all mobiles. Just enter the data limit of your plan and the first day of the billing period and the app will notify you automatically when you reach important levels of your data limit - let's say when it reaches 90%. The app automatically starts when you reboot your iPhone 3G /4 or your iPad 1 /2and works in the background checking your data usage every 10 minutes. Then it will show you alerts when you are close to your limit as well as showing the percentage of the data limit you've already consumed on the app icon. You dont even have to open the app. In addition, it allows you to create and operate any number of "counters," an advanced way of tracking traffic and data usage and beginning with a preordained moment of time. Several counters can function simultaneously and be set on pause or reset entirely allowing you to compute the amount of traffic consumed by a particular application or the traffic consumed at a given location.
We are all trying to quicken up our Internet speed or pay less for our service so it can be particularly annoying when you are slowed down or have to pay more just for a silly oversight. It does seem quite ridiculous to me that the user has no idea of how much of their plan they have actually used and there's little worse than your Internet lurching away from the broadband speeds we all know and love with a couple of days to go till the start of a new month's billing. Download Meter keeps it simple and let's you know that you should be slowing up when you get close to your plan limit...simple as that. And that's why it has been universally loved. For a one off price of just two bucks that can be synced on all your iDevices that's a pretty good deal I think.

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