Developer description

Collecting inspirations and resources has just got A LOT better

Dragdis is a free web app which has completely reinvented bookmarking. It enables people to collect any kind of online content with a simple drag&drop move.

The idea is simple: A sidebar with your folders and apps appears on the right hand side of your screen every time you start dragging something on the web. It can be an image, GIFs, video, a link or even selected text. You then simply need to drop it to your sidebar. That's it! Organized and Saved.

Really often you end up up not finding things you saved. There’s no easy way to do so in an organized manner. Yes, there are plenty of tools helping you organize either photos, or videos or links, but none of them focus on easing the actual process. You either have piles of stuff or you have to make multiple clicks to save things in specific folders (think Save as? ). With dragdis you can take ANY kind of online content FROM where you find it TO where you want it to be with one move.

The video perfectly demonstrates how the product works:

Last updated 20 Mar 2014