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Triple security to protect and hide photos and videos on your iPad

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DragNSYNC’s triple layer security assures all your files remain hidden and secure on your ... More

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Published 14 Jun 2013

If you are worried about the security of your content on your iPad then this excellent file management application is probably just the thing you need. DragNSYNC is an easy to use place where you can 'hide' anything that you want to keep secret from others. It features triple layer security to make sure that your sensitive content stays hidden from the prying eyes of anyone whether it be your boss or your partner. Just drag and sync any sensitive files from your computer or import them wirelessly from any of your devices and this robust app will help you secrete your videos or photos away nicely so that only you can access them. To be honest, DragNSYNC is so simple to use that it’s even easier to use than it is to create a music playlist in iTunes...and its a whole lot more safer and secure.
Let's assume that you have a few racy photos of yourself or your partner floating around on your iPad or maybe you've got the odd video or two that you aren't keen on others seeing. How on earth can you hide them so that you are the only one who can access them. Well, DragNSYNC’s triple layer security assures that all of your files remain hidden, safe and secure. What's more, were not talking about cloud storage here so you won't have any hidden fees to come back and bite you at the end of the month. Nor does the app give any third-party access to your files. While it features a nicely constructed and well-organized file management system, where it will probably earn its keep is with its decoy mode feature. This creates "plausible deniability" just in case you are coerced into having to surrender your password to your boss, parent,teacher or, God forbid, your significant other. Simply drag and sync your files directly from your computer or import them wirelessly from any source. DragNSYNC's file management capability is superintuitive and allows you to manage folders with the same ease as you do when creating a music playlist. You can rename, move, delete and create unlimited folders and subfolders as well as being able to nest your folders to any depth that you like.  Once files are synced, their names don't display in your desktop iTunes and if you use your iPad's camera for a secret photo session, you wont find your pics showing up on your photo stream. If you think the app sounds complicated, you are wrong, but if technology baffles you then there is a complete tip sheet included. DragNSYNC was designed and built by enterprise mobility software experts with a combined 200 years of experience. They even chuck in free email support but the app is so robust that you’ll probably never need it.
This iPad file management system was specifically designed to hide and manage all your sensitive and private photos and videos whether you are a professional, a student or just a regular joe. It is remarkably easy to use and really is as so simple as dragging and dropping songs into your iTunes music playlist. But the difference here is that, with it's triple strength security, you can easily bury any material so deeply that even if you are required to hand over your password, your content is still safe and hidden away. Now, we're not suggesting here that most people have compromising photos and videos on their iPads but you can rest assured that, with DragNSYNC, you'll be the only one who can find them.

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