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Turn yourself into the new Spielberg in as little as 30 seconds

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The unique thing about Dramapp is that movies you make are driven by original soundtracks in ... More

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Published 20 Mar 2017

When you see interviews with famous film directors like Scorsese or Spielberg they will often talk about the things that inspired them to make movies when they were young. They will tell stories of getting out the Super 8 movie camera and filming their friends and family and showing the finished 'masterpiece' off to anyone and everyone who wanted to see it. The final touch would be the music that accompanied the film. It would set the mood for the piece and turn a silent film into something way more cinematic. One thing's for sure - it was a labor of love from beginning to end.

These days, you don't have to hunt out a Super 8 camera to make a movie. You'd be pushing your luck to find one, if the truth were known. There are heaps of movie making apps available nowadays that let you make a movie in a matter of minutes. But then you have to find the music to set the right atmosphere and you might even have to do a little post-production afterwards to smarten it up. DRAMApp is a simple but effective new movie making app for iOS that let's you make a finished movie in as little as 30 seconds and comes complete with the relevant soundtrack to seal the deal.

Let's face it, the thing that defines a movie in many cases is the music that accompanies it. You can pick a horror movie, for example, by...