Developer description

Frightening. Disturbing. Hilarious. Provocative. Meet Dreamception, the new mobile app that turns everyday images into works of art that are sure to get attention!

Dreamception is based on Google's "Deep Dream" code and offers a selection of filters that produce otherwordly effects. Go from trippy and psychodelic to scary and strange right from your device. Dreamception "sees" images through the eyes of neural network recognition. The filters are designed to look for objects and patterns that either aren't there, or enhance photo features with outrageous results. Discover an artistic touch you didn't know you had or create a mind-bending masterpiece everyone takes notice of. The choice is yours!

Developed by Nezibo in conjunction with, Dreamception brings a new-era of technology to the forefront by introducing users to the tools previously only enjoyed by experienced computer programmers. It's also easy to use - take a pic (or choose one saved on your device), select your filters, and hit "Submit!"

Dreamception is free to download and comes equipped with ten filters and full social sharing capability. Earn credits by sharing on your favorite platforms. Save images for later use and spread the word. Users can also upgrade to the unlimited version and receive an additional 20 amazing filters while bypassing the credit system altogether. Both versions of Dreamception are completely AD FREE.

Experience a different side to photo editing that traditional apps stay away from. Dreamception was designed to bring people together and be enjoyed by family, friends, and loved ones. Get in on what the fuss is about today!

Last updated 26 Aug 2015