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DreamDoze allows people to share and document their dreams, and have them interpreted by
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Published 19 Oct 2011

Do you remember your dreams? I used to have a recurring dream a few years back where there would be large jellybeans slowly flying past my head in space in a Star Wars formation when I was anxious about something. Any budding psychoanalysts out there want to have a go at that one? I wish I could remember more because I find the whole thing fascinating.
DreamDoze is an advice and knowledge share tool that allows people to share and document their dreams and have them interpreted by people from different perspectives. The interpreters range from other dreamers to professional dream interpreters and even psychoanalysits. This way dreamers receive a different perspective for understanding their dreams. DreamDoze lets users give the thumbs up or down on their interpretations and allows dreamers to record their dreams in a cloud-based dream journal and promote themselves as interpreters. While DreamDoze appears a little frivolous when first viewed it is a much deeper dream analysis that you might imagine. The easy to navigate site features many dream interpretation sections for you to read as well as articles and dissertations from some of the most famous of dream analysts from Jung to Freud.

There is so much to look at in DreamDoze. Whether it's the dream stories from contributors or analysis from dream experts there is so much here to help you interpret your dreams. DreamDoze is a beautifully crafted site that will appeal to those of us willing to investigate some of the less understood areas of our night time activities. I particularly like that fact that it takes the interpretation of dreams reasonably seriously and doesn't treat it's visitors like cranks or idiots. This free dream interpret tool is one to look at.

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