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Published 8 Jan 2013

[cont'd] can offer. The app is basically a dream diary that allows us to better understand the workings of our own subconscious mind. DreamKeeper provides both a simple way to record your dreams and a comprehensive set of functions to enhance, remember and share them with others. It gives you the ability to tag people and themes as well as adding notes to your dreams. Combine this with a comprehensive search facility and you can easily explore the commonalities between your dreams. DreamKeeper is your personal dream journal for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and keeps a lifetime of dreams in the palm of your hand.
The only thing missing from this dream journal is the psychoanalyst to interpret your dreams. The app itself provides everything you need to record, store, put in personal details, themes and individual notes on your dreams and lets you do it quickly in the first ten minutes after you wake up and before they slip from your mind. The app can be password protected too, so if your dreams revolve around that cute friend at work, then your family or other work friends don't have to know about it if you don't want them to. Dreamkeeper is an easy to use personal dream journal that you can keep next to the bed on your iDevice for quick action in the morning...maybe right after you've completed that first trip to the bathroom.