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‘DreamTagTell’ is a new dream diary app for recording your dreams. As you type, words featured ... More

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Published 27 Apr 2014

It's kinda rare for me to remember my dreams at night past that first ten minutes when I wake up in the morning. It seems so vivid at first but then it just seems to disappear as your mind grasps for more... like smoke in a breeze. I do remember a particular one recently where I was booking into an elevated hotel in the mountains of Nepal with a friend and my two cats. The fact that the friend was the girlfriend of a good friend of mine just made it more complicated - but, that's another story. They say that all of our dreams mean something and there are countless books and apps out there where you can check and analyze your dreams. DreamTagTell is a new dream journal for iOS where your dreams are interpreted as you type them in. And, when you log in with Facebook, you can tag and share your dreams and interpretations with your social network friends.
It's said that, on average, we spend 2 hours a night dreaming. Usually they are forgotten or dismissed but I'm sure we've all woken up at some point and wondered what the hell that dream you just had was all about and what it meant. DreamTagTell is a new dream diary app for iPhone and iPad where you can record, explore and analyze your dreams. As you wake up early in the morning and blearily type in the details of your latest...