Developer description

Feeling nostalgic? Driftback for iPhone and iPad integrates and displays all your photos, statuses and other memories from your device and social network accounts in one simple, beautiful layout. Swipe through memories picked randomly by the app or if you prefer, leave the ‘Autocycle’ mode on and just watch the slideshow. All memories are shown with dates, locations and titles (if available) – just pick the sources and let the app do the rest!
◉ Shows photos and calendar entries from the device.
◉ Also integrates photos and statuses (or equivalent if available) from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter.
◉ Dates and location information (if available) displayed alongside memories.
◉ Automatic offline support – smooth cycling wherever you are!
◉ Fullscreen mode - photos and images stretched to completely fit the screen without distortion.
◉ Autocycle mode – 3-25 seconds per memory.
◉ Like what you see? Easily share past memories through Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and email.

Last updated 25 Jul 2014

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