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A simple new small business management tool to bring all your projects together

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Drinkle is a Business Management Application that helps your business to organize your projects, ... More

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Published 15 Nov 2014

It's hard sometimes for small business to take the next step towards the better organization of their business management. While we have dipped our toes in the water by using programs like spreadsheets over the years, it's been a bit of a struggle to embrace complicated business management apps for many. So when an app as user-friendly as Drinkle comes along, it's worth taking note of it. This easy to use and unique project management application was designed specifically to help small business become more productive by organizing all your projects, tasks, leads and stock more efficiently.
Drinkle is a business management application that helps your business to organize itself better. Its aim is to increase productivity by helping your team to work better together and to make it easier to organize workflow.  Along with its main features like task management, lead management and stock management, Drinkle also features other innovative additions - including activity boards and the ability to relate two different items - making it unique to it's competitors. You can create projects and tasks and assign them to specific users and set due dates to initiate them. You can also share files with colleagues as well as collaborating and interacting using written comments. Its vitally imported to use all your means to turn potential leads into paying clients and the app give you a portal to note down details about every lead that comes in. Never miss a lead again and set follow...