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A simple new small business management tool to bring all your projects together

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Published 15 Nov 2014

[cont'd] up actions for different stages as well as giving leads different values of importance. Drinkle doesn't forget about the humble spreadsheet either and provides you with a simple module where you can quickly note down and save any data which may need a column and row factor. You can take notes and keep a record of potential new ideas as well as manuals and guides that can be shared and discussed with other team members from within the module. Finally, if you are a retailer, you can add all of your products or goods into the system - along with their quantities - and keep a complete inventory and have much better control over your stock.
Whether you are being dragged - maybe kicking and screaming - into better business management practices or are simply looking to change the way you organize your business, Drinkle is more than worth a look. For a start, the app has been designed with a simple yet dynamic interface and developed so that everyone can  - and, more importantly, will want to - use it. While you might have used many of its features before in isolation, Drinkle sync's them all together in one app to make them easier to work with. It also enhances the collaborative process so that all parties can be kept up to date on all your projects. So, what is this fine business management app going to cost me, you ask? Well, if you are a small business of 3...