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What would you do if you’ve lost all your documents, music files, videos and photos, for good? Just imagine the impact on your life if valuable data on one or more of your computers was lost forever. The loss of personal data such as your documents, music collection, videos, or cherished photographs could be devastating to you. Losing data forever could happen to you easier than you think. It happens all the time to individuals who thought they were okay, every day. Your desktop computer, laptop and even your external storage device which you may be using to backup your files can at any moment crash, get stolen, lost or damaged. Other hardware failures can happen. Viruses or other malicious software can destroy some or all of your information. Natural disasters such as an unexpected fire can also destroy all of your vital data in an instant. But don’t worry, fortunately there is a solution to help ensure these problems can’t happen to you. It’s dripbit, a cloud based unlimited online backup and storage solution that gives you all you need…and more…to protect your important data so you’ll rest easier that data disaster doesn’t strike you with horrible consequences. Dripbit is the ultimate in cloud based backup. All your data is continually backed up to our multi-location servers at our data centres in the UK so you can retrieve all of your information instantly. Enterprise-grade firewalls keep malicious intruders out and only authorized people in. But data security doesn’t stop there – files stored on our servers are encrypted using military grade, AES-256 encryption so, in the very unlikely event that someone compromises our data storage, any accessed data files would be meaningless. Once you experience dripbit, the innovative, cost effective leader in cloud based backup, you’ll never switch. In fact, we’re so convinced you can try us for FREE for ten days. Setup takes less than 30 seconds. Why not try us now? One computer or many more – we have the right solution for every need. Try us now and you’ll love us forever. P.S. It gets even better. Invite some of your friends and, if they subscribe, you'll get generous discounts. What is dripbit? Dripbit is an unlimited, secure and permanent cloud backup and storage solution that uses the dripbit desktop software to continuously backup and protect your computer data, which you can then access remotely from anywhere. With dripbit, you can easily access your files, photos, music, videos and other digital content from any web browser or mobile device. In fact, with dripbit, you will no longer need to save your files on your computer, which can be very risky in case it gets stolen, lost or damaged. Instead, you can save all of your files directly onto your dripbit drive which is stored on multiple storage servers at our data centres in the UK ensuring your data is fully secure, accessible and protected.

Last updated 22 Jul 2013

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