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A colorful new 'drop' game that will test your skill while you try to save the coral reef

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The ocean has run bare! Help Drippy soar through the sky to get back to the ocean and reclaim a ... More

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Published 30 May 2018

It's a curious fact but, when Disney's animated film 'Finding Nemo' was released in 2003, its intended message was to save the beautiful clownfish and to keep them in the sea where they belong. Such was the effect of this emotive film, however, that millions were plucked from the oceans and sold on to parents who placated their screaming kids with tropical aquariums filled with brightly colored fish. Apparently, sales of clownfish rose by 40% over the next year or so but its estimated that 9 out of 10 perished pretty quickly. Now, I'm not suggesting that this game will have the same effect on the tropical fish population as Nemo did but, the fact is, kids of all ages love tropical fish and coral reefs.

Drippy Drop is a fun and addictive new game by first time developer Toby Johnson. As its name suggests, it draws on the 'drop' style game that many love to play these days and it’s all about fish and coral reefs. It's a beautifully designed game with eye catching and engaging graphics that range changes between simple 8bit to illustration to hyper-realism and features many levels - some of which are seriously challenging. The idea of the game is to build up your coral reef with as many colorful fish as possible and save the reef. Sometimes the levels are easy...sometimes they're hard. But that's the name of the game.

The game works on the theory that the...