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Published 24 Dec 2011

If you’ve ever been cut up by a lousy driver and are clever enough to take down their license plate without breaking the law then you now have the platform to warn the rest of the locality about them. You can of course also flag up any drivers who impress you with their road skills, well their license plate anyway. I’m not sure I would have the inclination to get home, log in and vent my spleen about someone who had just pulled out in front of me. If it was a really dangerous piece of driving which could, but for the grace of God, have resulted in fatalities then perhaps yes but if I had managed to get the license plate down my first port of call would probably be the Police.

As it says in the site’s description, it’s a "quick app" and there is nothing to pay and no real sign up required. Just enter a license plate number and have a rant about the incident. If the driver has form you may even find the plate already listed and there are a number of countries to choose from. You can also choose to follow the license plate (not literally of course) and if you do you’ll get an alert if anyone else has a pop about it.

As far as I can tell the site hasn’t been going long enough to provide any meaningful data. You can look up Good Driver and Bad Driver but there aren’t an awful lot of entries in either and by far the longest is a joke entry about Prince William.

Of course the anonymity of the site means there’s nothing stopping you entering your own plate number and praising your driving skills to the hilt and I suspect that’s exactly the case for the ones that have been posted. It could work the other way however with a group of friends having a joke at the expense of one of them. Let’s just hope the Police don’t take an interest in it although as nobody else seems to be there’s no reason why they should.


If it had any obvious attributes aimed at seriously improving road safety then it should be encouraged. As it is, it’s just another site for people to let off steam and by the look of things not many are that bothered.


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