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Customizable trip logs and time tracking for the professional driver

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For professional drivers
*Live Job Offers
*Trip Logs
*Web Service Integration
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Published 18 Nov 2012

Things have changed dramatically over the years for professional drivers. No more is it possible to just jump in the cab and transport your goods across the country. These days drivers are often required to fill in logbooks detailing length of trips and rest periods taken etc. With many businesses you won't get paid unless you fill in details of your trip in a log. DriverMatePro is a set of time tracking Tools for Android and iOS that gives you everything you need to keep logs on multiple journeys. Work schedules, live job offers, trip logs are all featured in this comprehensive and fully customizable driving app.
For professional drivers, DriverMatePro is the must have app for those that simply need to keep logs of multiple journeys. It uniquely provides  hauliers with  a way to contact registered users directly through an easy to use calendar system. Simply select which days you are free to work and the app will notify you when you have job offers in real time. With a single click you are free to accept or decline job offers and the employer is notified immediately. There are no agency fees and no running around making multiple calls.  As a professional driver, you have total control of when, where and for whom you work. The mileage tracking features of DriverMatePro makes keeping logs of journeys quick and easy and tracking can be kept for mileage, distances, times, driver duties including loading times and refuelling, contractors...