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Published 21 Mar 2019

For many years, motor mechanics have tended to be one of the last bastions of old school technology. The image of the overall clad worker covered in grease and oil is one that most of us are very familiar with. At the end of a car inspection we are handed a sheet of paper (often also covered in oil and grease) with hand written notes on it that are often hard to decipher. That's if they can find them, of course. Mechanics file keeping has never been particularly brilliant at the best of times. From my experience, most of their extensive knowledge is in their head rather than in a filing cabinet.

So, it's hardly surprising that the vehicle inspection business would be ready for a digital overhaul itself. The Driveroo digital vehicle inspection app is a new app for iOS and Android that simplifies the whole business of vehicle upkeep for drivers and motor technicians. It analyzes millions of data points and known issues with your specific make of car or truck - or fleet, if it comes to that - and directs your technician to any known potential issues and safety recalls. This clever app connects drivers to a network of local, ASE certified technicians who are ready to take instant care of your car. Driveroo’s AI-driven inspections are make and model specific, so your car receives the most comprehensive inspection available in the market.

Driveroo is a powerful and easy to use digital inspection tool and is a boon for motor technicians because it's been proven to encourage more repair work. Gone are the days of hunting up vehicle inspection reports and filling out details by hand. Gone are the days when those hand-written notes are analyzed by shop managers who hope they've got all the details right when entering the data into the system. It provides the necessary insight for drivers and service shops to make better decisions. Using Driveroo’s TurboGraphics technology, the app facilitates inspections through a series of images and multiple choice questions available on any smartphone or tablet. 

The app is full to the brim with excellent features. For a start there's the visual input TurboGraphic technology that helps streamline the inspection process. It also carries a VIN scanner and decoder - accessible with a single tap of a button - that gives you all the relevant information that's needed to process a vehicle. You can convey messages with easy to understand terminology and with an unlimited number of photos - with no storage or picture limit - that can be easily edited and explained using detailed comments. What's more, you can communicate with customers with excellent reports that will help sell repairs. There's also custom, flexible inspections to reflect specific needs with voice to text capability which cuts down on typing with those oily fingers. Finally, you have direct communication with customers from your mobile device - including texting and photo sharing - to speed up the approval process. 

Driveroo Inspector is the most comprehensive app of its type that we've ever seen. Not only does it automate vehicle inspections and help to identify possible vehicle problems but it also organizes and speeds up the whole process of customer relations much better - strengthening your ROI. Driveroo’s fleet solutions increase fleet availability, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure compliance. The SaaS solution automates maintenance reports and provides uniform financial data. Proactive maintenance automated by Driveroo software increases fleet availability, lowers maintenance costs, and improves quality and safety. 

Right now there's a free 60 day trial that is triggered when your first inspection begins. The Pro version gives you unlimited statistics, advanced tracking, customer support and video learning for US$29 per month plus $10 per month for each additional device. The app is available now for iOS - in the App Store - and Android - in Google Play. The Driveroo Inspector website has a vast amount of information about the app - much of which I hope I've covered here. However, I suggest that you have a look at their website to unleash the full glory of the app. You can find it here:

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