Developer description

DroidJoy will turn your smartphone in a real gamepad device for your Windows PC. It is not just a simple keyboard remapper, DroidJoy will act as real gamepad device. All you have to do is to download the server from It will work on WIndows XP and higher.

The application is especially designed for gamers, it was tested with several persons and several games to achieve the best and most realistic gamepad experience. The server can hanlde up to 4 clients so it is possible to connect multiple smartphones and use them for multiplayer games. Furthermore, it is possible to create your own gamepad layout within the application. There are no design restrictions. This will allow you to use DroidJoy with different game genres. The core features of DroidJoy are:

- It offers a real PC gamepad emulation
- Up to 14 buttons
- Customization of gamepad layout
- WiFi and Bluetooth connection possibilities
- Easy server client connection

Last updated 6 Oct 2015

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