Developer description

DroidTimeClock is the cloud-based Time clock you have been waiting for. No more expensive devices for just getting a table with the information. DroidTimeClock is a platform ideal for both the managers and the employees.
DroidTimeClock supports NFC technology so that your employees can clock in or out by just approaching their NFC tag. To prevent fraud, a photo will be taken and all the information will be updated automatically in the web dashboard that managers and employees can check.

DroidTimeClock is also great for those employees that work at home or in different locations, since they will be able to clock in from their smartphones and their location will be registered, and can be seen in a map in the web dashboard.

Your company can also have their sites in different timezones, and all the information will be safely stored in the cloud. To use DroidTimeClock all you need to do is register your company at and download the app on google play!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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