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Enjoy a complete drumming experience on your iPhone & iPad, with one of the most beautiful ... More

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Published 14 Mar 2012

There's an old joke that asks "What does a drummer use for contraception?" - the answer, of course,  is his personality but I think that is just nasty. I have some great friends who are drummers and at least one of them has a girlfriend. Drums Master is a fun music application that allows everybody to release their inner Ringo. The only difference here is that you can play the most beautiful drum patterns on a cool looking app on your iPhone or iPad so you won't be disturbing the neighbors too much as you jam along to The Beatles.
Drums Master lets you enjoy a complete drumming experience on your iPhone & iPad with one of the most beautiful 6-piece drum kits you will find in the App Store. Open the "Playlist" screen and play drums along with your favorite iTunes songs. Record your plays and share them easily with your friends on SoundCloud. Recordings are done via the microphone so that you can also include your iTunes songs and your vocals! You can manage all your recordings, name them, listen to them and delete them from the "Recordings" screen. Visit the "Settings" screen to: Customize your experience by changing the sounds of your drum kit, the stage floor and the volume level. There are currently 8 drum kit sounds available (2 free) and 6 stage floors (2 free). For the complete experience you can turn on drums information and learn about the instruments you are...