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DrumUp is a social media content management app, developed with the sole purpose of making every ... More

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Published 23 Feb 2015

The issue of posting relevant and interesting content to your social media accounts can be a time consuming exercise. It's not so bad for big business who can have a whole team dedicated to the process. But, if you are the social media manager of a small business or a solo entrepreneur you are going to spend a lot of time searching up the right posts to keep your Twitter and Facebook visitors happy. DrumUp is a free, fully customizable social media management tool that will present you with excellent relevant content and engaging stories of interest that will automatically feed into your social media accounts and save you a heap of precious time.
DrumUp is a social media content management app that was developed with the sole purpose of making the social media manager's life that little bit easier. It is extremely simple to use and can be set up in under 30 seconds. It let's you discover and share stories with your followers and fans about pretty much anything you like - whether it be food, sport, music, fashion, entrepreneurship, marketing and climate change or technical stuff like gadgetry, gaming or more hi tech info...as i said, pretty much anything you want to feature on your social media pages. Its crowning glory lies in a unique discovery and recommendation engine that queues up high quality, relevant and influential content that can be automatically shared through your Facebook and Twitter pages. Just log in using your social media account and update and tweak the settings a wee bit and DrumUp will display and queue up the coolest stories from around the web - along with the estimated publishing schedule. You can review the stories and edit or delete them as required and, every time a new set of posts is scheduled for your social accounts, you'll get an email notification. You can fully customize your content just by adding keywords and the themes of the stories that you are interested in. The super efficient content recommendation engine will quickly find them for you.
DrumUp is a great little social media content manager that is going to save a lot of time and effort for the beleaguered small business person, freelancer or entrepreneur. It's a clever set of tools that seems to be a significant upgrade to similar scheduling or content recommendation tools on the market. The app is easy on the eye and incredibly simple and convenient to use. Unlike many others, this very useful app uses several natural language processing algorithms to make sure that only content of the highest quality and most relevant content is recommended to users - and it shows. The developer claims that, by using this app, you can cut the time that you spend on hunting up relevant content for your social media accounts by 90%. If that's the fact, it will leave you a lot of extra time to concentrate on the things that you do best...hunting up leads and making more money.

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