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Developer description

At the Bedwetting Store, we don't just sell alarms, we want children to achieve dryness! That is why we continue to develop educational materials to help families successfully USE bedwetting alarms.

Over the past few years, we have created alarm tip sheets that accompany every alarm, product videos, weekly blog tips and a series of follow-up emails with timely information about using the alarm. Now, we have developed and launched the NEW Dry Matters Web App. As more and more parents use smartphones, we make it easy for you to access our extensive resources right at your fingertips.

Families who purchase an alarm from the Bedwetting Store are provided details for downloading this web app at the time of purchase. You will receive a link to download the web app in your order confirmation email, immediately after you place your purchase, and in the shipping confirmation email you receive once your alarm is shipped.

The Bedwetting Store is committed to providing you with information that helps you and your child be successful in achieving dryness. Simply swipe and tap your way through our extensive bedwetting resources from the convenience of your own smartphone.

Last updated 18 Feb 2014