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Dubbler, a fun (and free) new way to record and share audio. It picks up where Tango, Snapchat, ... More

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Published 11 Mar 2013

Anyone who uses the Internet regularly will know the tricky situations that they can get themselves into when texting. Basically, its not easy to get your emotions and true feelings across at times without your messages being misconstrued. Dubbler is a new free social app for smartphone that deals with that problem by letting you express what you are feeling in an audio kind of way. Here, instead of using text as your communication medium, you can record and share up to 60 seconds of audio, tweak it with the various voice filters and share it with your social networking friends or by email.
Dubbler is a fun and free way to record and share audio with your friends and the rest of the world. This new social network picks up where apps like Tango, Snapchat and Kik leave off and allows you to record up to 60 seconds of audio, tweak and change your recording with the inbuilt voice filters and instantly post it to Facebook and Twitter or share it via email. You can capture precious moments, your emotions or your amazing creative flashes in a way that text and typing can't - with the full-force of your personality. Sing a song, send news, jokes, comments, hearable hugs, make music or ringtones. In fact, any kind of vocal hiccup or doodle you do can be transformed into something special with a filter or a unique sound effect. Bring your photographs or drawings to life and add an extra dimension with audio captions or put a stamp on your Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr photos with sounds and stories. If you want to be really clever you can match a voice to all those familiar faces in your Instagram and Flickr accounts and turn them into a new kind of collage. If creativity isn't your thing you can just enjoy your own personal radio station and listen to the hundreds of dubs being constantly uploaded by your fellow users and hear a stream of cool new sounds that you won't be able to  find on Google, Spotify or SoundCloud.  Radio Dubbler. There’s a thousand things that you can do with all those effects and you can even create your own character with one of the voice filter tools. 
Dubbler probably has a better chance than many of being a new social network to be reckoned with that could well take off. That's because it's the only one where you can actually add your voice to totally personalize it without having to worry about things like Twitter's word restraints. This innovative free app lets you record pretty well anything you want and even warp it and turn it into something even more fun and interesting. It's very simple to use and easy to share with social networks so, if you've got a song or an opinion that you want to get across in more than 140 characters, get Dubblering.

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