Developer description

DUBL is the brand new app that allows users to Record Video from Both Front and Back Cameras Simultaneously on compatible Android devices. With the DUBL™ app users can capture both ends of a social experience simultaneously. Why just take a Selfie, or a Groupie when you can take both at the same time?

“We are very excited to offer this amazing new software app which is a social media tool that redefines how users experience, capture, and share their social experiences by doubling the amount of life that can be captured,” said Jeff Scaman, Founder and Operating Manager. Instead of just taking a video, DUBL allows users to see their own reactions to the video they are recording, which opens up a whole new dimension.

The new DUBL app is free to download at Google Play and features an attractive design, easy to follow instructions, and familiar icons for ease of use. features nine separate recording modes, movable picture-in-picture option, and an in-app library which is shareable to social media.

For more details and sample videos please visit our website at

Last updated 30 Jan 2019

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