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DYNO Mapper is a SaaS that is used to streamline the discovery and planning phase of web ... More

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Published 14 Oct 2015

No matter the size of your website, one of it's essential features will be a site map so that visitors will know where to go to view the things they want to see. However, while the sitemap is very useful for general navigation it can also be a place that attracts the interest of the search engine. You can create your own sitemap, of course, using one of the many apps available online. There are a squillion of them. Some offer HTML sitemaps that delivers excellent general navigation for web visitors while others offer XML versions that are intended to make it easy for search engines and spiders to find your content rather than for website visitors. DYNOMapper is a sitemap generator that offers both - as well as a whole bunch of extra features - to make your business life even easier.

DYNO Mapper is a 'Software as a Service' app that streamlines the discovery and planning phase of web development. It helps create interactive visual sitemaps - in one click - with the aid of a premium sitemap generator, as well as offering other features like content inventory, content audit, keyword tracking and accessibility testing using one set of simple productivity tools. DYNOMapper lets you create, edit, customize and share interactive visual sitemaps whether it be from scratch, URL, XML or even from your existing sitemap. You can choose from three different sitemap styles that display everything from hierarchy and inventory to analytics and comments.

The app integrates perfectly with Google...