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Published 14 Oct 2015

[cont'd] Analytics to display your website's analytics and shares your page views, the average visit time, the number of entrances, the bounce rate and the percentage of exits. It will quickly find and fix any linking issues using the inbuilt 'Broken Link Checker' and reports can be shared and exported to easily resolve future costly errors. There's also a 'Content Audit' tool that monitors the health of your website and ensures that the integrity of your information architecture is maintained and upheld. Pages are constantly audited for conformance with accessibility standards, ensuring that all of your content can be instantly accessed by everyone who visits. The app also displays daily tracking of your keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines and provides details of the number of visits as well as the 'Average Cost-Per-Click' being displayed for each keyword.

DYNO Mapper offers a complete solution to envision your new website architecture. You can easily sort, filter and search sitemap pages with analytic metrics or keywords and perform a content audit to isolate bad links and errors within your website inventory. There's even an excellent team collaboration feature that offers page comments, notifications and workflow control.

Whether you control a small, medium or large website or an online store, it's vital to include a damned good sitemap to not only show people around but also to encourage new visitors. DYNOMapper is one of the better visual sitemap generating apps on the market and it...