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Developer description

e-ProductPlug is a web app solution to automate and grow your new or existing online business by seamlessly loading dropship or virtual inventory product data directly to your eCommerce cart. Easily sync wholesaler product datafeeds to your webstore from any vendor, dropshipper, fulfillment center, wholesaler, or warehouse. With e-ProductPlug your supplier’s product data will get sent to your website up to 3x/day, keeping you ahead of your competition with the newest products, and reducing backorders by ensuring the product stock quantities are always up-to-date. Just “Plug-in” e-ProductPlug to your shopping cart platform for automatic updates of product catalogs from your wholesale network including changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions. Easily overcome the divergent data formats of suppliers and synchronize only the pertinent data fields to your shopping cart using one simple interface with advanced features including powerful filters, intuitive field mapping engine, and a custom pricing tool.

Last updated 25 Sep 2013