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Eardex (short for Earth Index) is a free website to compare cost of living worldwide. The Eardex ... More

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Published 22 Feb 2012

I had a conversation with an American friend recently who was curious about the price of various items in Sydney Australia. She had read in the paper that Sydney is now considered one of the most expensive cities in the world and wondered if it were true. Rather than relying on trying to remember how much I paid for a can of coke from a supermarket or how much a movie ticket costs I should have just put her onto Eardex where she could compare prices on all sorts of everyday items. This free travel guide application gives you a pretty good idea of how much similar items cost the world over.
Eardex (which is short for Earth Index) is a free website where you can get an overview of and compare the cost of living in towns, cities, regions and countries worldwide. The Eardex database gathers and displays local prices of heaps of popular and internationally comparable products and services and, at the click of a button, you can immediately see the price of the item converted into your own currency. Eardex not only gives information and it asks you to put in the price of various items in your city such as hotel or hostel prices, eating out, many  different supermarket products, a Big Mac, a can of Coca-Cola, the cost of a taxi ride or a packet of specific cigarettes etc. It's known as the "wisdom of the crowd" principle which means that the data...