Developer description

Last week we launched Earlynote: a new messaging app that was inspired by letters me and my wife wrote for each other years ago before our marriage. Back then we agreed that we would open these letters far in the future. When writing these letters it felt like travelling to the future. And when reading them it will be like going back in time.

What if there would be an app that would allow people to share notes privately this way? In today's world we are bombarded with notifications, messages, information. What if we would take the time to create that one special message? And what if we would have to slow down and wait for a note to unravel itself?

Sometimes you want to say something to another person, but the time is not right. And you just wish the other person knew what you were thinking right exactly at that time. This is the reason we built this app. Meet Earlynote.

Earlynote was featured last week in the Netherlands by tech blog Bright, business news platform RTL Z, news website RTL Nieuws and was featured as app of the month on iCulture, the biggest Apple website and community in the Netherlands. In addition Earlynote was also featured on Product Hunt last week.

Last updated 1 Oct 2019

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