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Published 17 Oct 2019

[cont'd] are legitimate with no scams, no surveys and no gimmicks to waste your time. The apps all list details of the work required including a job description, country availability, how you will be paid, ratings, similar sites and the tips and tricks you'll need to get by.

The developers' aim here is as much altruistic as anything else. They are part-time developers who all work in other professional areas but felt the need and the passion to help their fellow humans by creating some simple, useful and good-looking apps that people will actually use. All of the individual apps collected here are high quality with 94% earning either 4 or 5 star ratings. So far, there have been 1.61 million downloads with very high retention rates. They probably could have chosen a better name for the app but I guess it lays its intentions on the line quite nicely. The Earn Extra Income app is available for free in Google Play right now.