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Earth Aid is a great way to get a handle on your utility bills and a new way to earn for saving ... More

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Published 8 Oct 2011

Getting rewarded for cutting down on your energy bills sounds like a win win situation to me and obviously a lot of Americans feel the same way.

Earth Aid’s contribution to greening up the planet is an app that gives them direct access to the data stored with your utility suppliers. Just sign up and give them all of your utility account details, plus the permission to pull them, and wait for them to make some comparisons.

Some people might be surprised when shown how much electricity or water they used in a month compared to the same time a year before. Giving people this sort of information allows them to highlight areas where they can cut back and save money. If they’re successful at this they will also receive reward points that are redeemable at an ever growing list of local and national businesses.

As well as a reward scheme Earth Aid provides some other useful and convenient functions. The dashboard for instance shows you all of your utility bill information in one place and highlights any local efficiency programmes that might be applicable to you.

Comparisons don’t have to stop with your own usage of course as you can compare the results with friends and neighbours. However, anyone with data showing a particularly low use of water might not want people speculating on their level of personal hygiene!

So if you’re already green and want a pat on the back for your efforts or simply fancy some rewards, and as a consequence turn a little green, it all helps in the long term.

Save money–get rewarded. Why wouldn’t you?

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