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EarthBuzz Weather is with certainty the most amazing 3D weather app for iPad, animating a ... More

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Published 2 Feb 2013

It would be hard to imagine a more comprehensive, informative and beautiful iOS application than this one. Not only does EarthBuzz Weather look like a million dollars but it is filled with real-time satellite data on weather conditions worldwide. It also looks like it was made for iPad - the perfect platform to view it. While there has been a plethora of weather apps made available it's difficult to imagine one better than this unique free 3D masterpiece that, unlike many of the others, backs up its good looks with meaningful weather data.
EarthBuzz is an interactive social weather and geography application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is, without doubt, the most amazing 3D weather app for iPad. It offers an animated mash-up of real time satellite data, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, current weather conditions as well as your Facebook and Twitter friends. Strangely though, while it is one of the highest rated weather apps for iPad on the iTunes App Store, this hidden gem is also one of the most obscure. EarthBuzz Weather is a completely unique app that blends a journey of earth discovery with social networking data and near real-time animated satellite clouds, current weather conditions, weather forecasts and global geological events. Check the weather where your friends and loved ones live on a beautifully rendered 3D globe featuring a 160 megapixel rendition of NASA’s Blue Marble Earth Imagery with an overlay of live satellite clouds. View an animation of the last 8 hours of...