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The first and revolutionary new app designed to save 1000s of lives in an earthquake.

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Published 31 Oct 2012

To be quite honest, if I lived in or was visiting, an area of the world that was prone to the odd earthquake, a GPS tracking application like this one would be one of the first things I would pick up. Earthquake Buddy is a new app that s designed to save lives and put your friends' and families' minds at rest. Download the app and nominate four friends or family members who are automatically contacted as soon as a quake larger than 5.5 on the Richter scale. The app will nail down your position on a map so that your friends will know exactly where you are. This could come in useful if you are trapped under a ton of rubble, don't you think?
If you live in a quake zone or have friends or family traveling through quake areas, Earthquake Buddy is a must-buy app. It is a unique and revolutionary new app for mobile that is designed to save thousands of lives in an earthquake. But don't think for a second that it is nothing more than a quake-chasing app! This app will pin-point your location as soon as a 5.5+ earthquake strikes. Then it will send an instant, geo-tagged mapped email to your four chosen friends or family members.  Earthquake Buddy is endorsed by the Global Recovery Czar, Prof. Ed Blakely, (Hurricane Katrina, Haiti and Japan quake) to be the only app in the world that finds you after a...