Developer description

Easter Bubbles is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids! Your babies and toddlers will love it. It is time to save the cute Easter eggs in the bubbles by popping them. It is extremely easy to play and super fun. Touch and Pop, that's it. There are lots of cute Easter eggs that your babies and toddlers will save. Playing this game will improve your kids focusing and timing ability. The colorful eggs and interesting sounds will amuse and amaze babies for long periods.
With the oversight of parents, this game can mean long periods of entertaining and mind stimulating development. The easy to use mechanics, great graphics, and high quality audio have been developed for the best and easiest child interactions. Download now to see your baby's face light up when popping bubbles and setting Easter eggs free. Quality baby game apps can help development, motor skills, and parent-baby bonding, not to mention that babies love bubbles! Download now to get your babies popping bubbles!

Last updated 28 Mar 2015