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If you need to track your prescriptions and remember when to take your drugs, EASY PILL will ... More

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Published 14 May 2012

There are some things that are vitally important when you have been prescribed to take a course of pills but probably the most important are to take the correct dose at the right time and in the right time period. Easy Pill is a simple yet very efficient medical health management and tracking application for iOS that tracks all your prescriptions and reminds you when you should be taking your drugs to give you the best possible chance of curing your illness or managing your ailment.
EasyPill is a medical app that offers advanced, daily tracking of all pills, capsules and other medication with iCloud support for automatic sync between all the user’s iDevices. Featuring a daily list of medications by name with color-coded pill graphics, the app makes it easy to track your prescriptions and remember when to take your drugs. Users can select any dosing frequency and duration for each drug, including “as needed,” and the time for doses can be entered easily via the app’s unique, 24-hour set schedule grid. Especially convenient is Easy Pill’s “Every X Hours” mode, where the app will automatically adjust dosing times based on when the first dose of the day is taken. Managing prescription medication, vitamins, and herbal remedies is simple and straightforward. Frequency can be set for any regular interval from every hour to every eight hours or from daily to every two weeks. Daily dosage can be set for any quantity from one to twelve. Lastly, the...