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Published 14 May 2012

[cont'd] number of days the medication is to be taken can be set for any number from one day to sixty days or from one month to twelve months or forever.Just answer three simple and questions to set up fast. How often you take your pills,   how many times per day do you take them and  how long do you take them for?  Being based in the iCloud means that no internet connection is required for iOS4 or later and you can visually edit your pill schedule by tapping and moving the dose button. There's even a quick link to search your pills in Safari.
You may well say that you will never forget to take tablets but, the truth is, when we do a repetitive action for a long time it is very easy to lose track of days. Did I take my pills this morning? Sometimes it's hard to remember - especially if you are one of our elder citizens or even if you are feeling a little delirious. EasyPill takes the worry out of drug taking and gives you a nudge when you are due for another dose. This medical app has to be considered to ensure your better health.