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Easy Remember helps you to remember anything that you want in a relaxed and straightforward way. Using Push Notifications, we help you to remember things quickly and with little effort.

You can use Easy Remember to:

- Learn a language

- Study for school or college

- Learn a skill

- Remember motivational quotes

- Increase your knowledge in a subject of interest

- and much more.

The way you use Easy Remember is entirely up to you.

How do we help you to learn things more natural than doing it on your own or using other apps?

Every item that you add to Easy Remember, or that you download from a Pre-made deck is sent to you in pieces as Push Notifications. We all are used to receiving Push Notifications from other apps on our phone, and companies use them because Push Notifications grab your attention.

Each time you receive a Push Notification from Easy Remember, it will contain the items you want to remember, and you can interact with these Push Notifications, being able to say if you remembered the item or not.

There is always a writing portion, where you can, through the Push Notification, write content using the items sent to you, and then check to see if your writing was accurate. This feature is highly useful for learning a new language.

These methods increase your retention rate to 95%.

What other features make Easy Remember an essential tool for you when learning:

• Read eBooks Feature:

Import ebooks into the app and quickly translate the text you read into many different languages at the same time or create cards so you can remember important points

• Scheduling:

Determine how many items you want to have sent to you as Push Notifications at a time. Choose how often you wish to receive Push Notifications. Select the languages that you want to receive translations for.

• Pre-made decks:

Learn the most frequently used 1000 words of many languages. These 1000 words make up 85-90% of the words you need to be fluent.

• Translation Feature:

Easily translate anything into many different languages. When reading, the Translation tool is invaluable. Reading is one of the best ways to learn a new language, but it can be difficult because you have to look up words continually.

With Easy Remember, you just select the words you want to translate and click Translate. The app will then send you translations in however many languages you desire. You can use this feature to learn more than one language at a time.

Final Thoughts:

Many have tried to learn a language in school and have left feeling unsatisfied with their language ability. One report says that of those who take a foreign language course:

Only 7% can engage in some conversation after high school.

Less than 1% can engage in some conversation after college.

Those numbers are staggering, are they not?

Why is this?

It's easy to use repetition for 1 or 2 weeks. But to learn anything of value takes longer than that.

Learning is emotionally taxing when you sit down for long periods to study. And continuous short sessions are hard to keep up with. Somewhere between 81% and 92% of New Year's Resolutions fail. Why? Because habits are tough to build.

With Easy Remember, you don't have to worry about building a habit yourself, because the app does it for you. The app will send you notifications containing the items you want to remember frequently throughout the day. So with as little as looking at the notification, over time, you will remember each notification that you create.

Because of the way that Easy Remember works, you will no longer need to have long study sessions. The app sends notifications to you frequently, and through the continued viewing and interacting with the notifications, you will retain the information you want with minimal effort.

So download the Easy Remember right now, and start learning everything!

Last updated 10 Aug 2020

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