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Now your resume is always with you. If anyone asks you for your resume don’t ask time to send your resume, either open the app, create the resume and share it or if already have the resume prepared and ready then just share it. Resume Builder gives you the ability to create your resume by just adding the information in the application and get a professional formatted resume, which you can send to apply in different organizations for jobs. Application is easy to use and the user can easily enter the information without any difficulty. The resume created can be viewed and shared by the user, but if the user doesn’t want to share the resume it get stored in the device and in the app as a profile which can be later edited, viewed or share.
• Sample data can be populated in the app to create a sample resume.
• Multiple profiles can be added and against each profile multiple resumes can be created.
• Checks and validations are added so the user can add no wrong information.
• The resume can be generated and viewed in the PDF format (PDF viewer application should be available in the device to avoid any inconvenience)
• Share the generated Resume via Email
• Simple to use and elegant user interface.
All these features are available in the free version and no need to buy the app. The app contains ads. Like the app and please share with your friends and other people you know. If you face any problem then let us know so that it can be resolved. All the comments for improvements and positive criticism will be appreciated.

Last updated 1 Apr 2015

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