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Published 18 Jul 2017

From a buyers point of view, one of the more annoying traits of viewing the many classified marketplaces that are available online is the poor design that many are built around. Personally speaking, if I'm looking at a site that I find difficult to navigate or hard to understand I tend to click on the little cross in the corner of the screen and move on to a different one. So, it's my pleasure to announce that I've found one that does pretty much everything that I want in an advertising site.

EasyAds is a comprehensive and fully customizable advertising site that is perfect for both sellers and buyers alike. What really sets It apart from others are the clean and modern design of the interface and the superb back end that gives the seller a vast amount of analytical information - vital to ensure a smooth passage for a new business. What's more, it can be built in minutes and you'll be ready to be selling and making money straight away. For a start, and to make your life really simple, the app includes an intelligent complex installer that will do all the hard work of installing it on your server so you won't need a diploma in computer design to have it up and running.

From a sellers point of view, it can be used as a multi category marketplace where you can advertise a smorgasbord of different types of items. However, it...