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Published 27 Jun 2012

The way it used to be was that a dedicated ex player would give up some of their spare time to coach the local amateur team in between trips to pick the kids up and preparing meals but you can't get away with that anymore. There is too much at stake. These days there are so many ways that a sporting coach can communicate and access statistics it would be rather naive to ignore the technology. EasyCoach! is a next generation and easy to use sport coaching application that gives the sporting coach of the 21st Century team stats and communication capabilities that can turn your non-professional team into a team of champions.
EasyCoach! takes coaching to the digital age. This easy to use app empowers team sport coaches by letting them digitally log attendance and generate essential statistics as well as offering great communication with their team. With just a few taps on a smartphone EasyCoach logs attendance and brings the team’s training history and statistics to the coach’s fingertips. EasyCoach! displays team and individual training history in a clear and understandable manner using the most beautiful graphics. At the same time the app is a highly effective communication tool between the coach and the team (and parents for the younger athletes). EasyCoach! functionality makes it is easy for coaches to send text messages or e-mails to an in-app contact list or the contact list on the phone. One text message or e-mail can be sent to...