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Take a photo of your restaurant meal and share a review with fellow users

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Published 23 Nov 2017

[cont'd] and ratings. Other users can check the photos, the ratings and reviews of meals and find new and interesting eating places in their area. What makes this different from an app like Yelp is that it goes one step further by supplying the personal photos and recommendations that are delivered by real customers.

EatOpine's developers saw an opening for a new food app when they realised that most restaurants base their reputation on the menu items that they present rather than the overall business itself. This app is unique in that it lets users review the individual meals rather than the restaurant or eating establishment. All it would take would be for the customers to take and share a photo of their delicious meal and they would have an app that is cool, innovative and different from all the rest. And we know how much millennials love to take photos of their food, don't we? 

EatOpine reviews menu items rather than the restaurant that cooks them. It's a platform where foodies and food lovers can voice their opinion by reviewing great dishes wherever they are for the greater good of others. At the last time of checking, they had over 13,000 users engaged, over 46,000 eating establishments involved and 11820 dishes reviewed along with their individual photos. It's a great way to spread the word on new eating establishments in your local area and it's also great if you're...