Developer description

Eazybio is the social network designed to help people get online exposure fast and easy. We also allow users to make valuable connections with people in the right places to boost their horizons in the online industry. On top of all that, users can make money with what they do on the site, instantly.

Eazybio lets people have fun whilst trying to gain exposure. And more than that, have fun with the people who could potentially be your future business partner for a start-up idea you have been working on. Connect with them either through video chat, voice chat or just text chat for instant communication. You can also create new connections through this feature.

Eazybio lets you create your bio and write the things in it that we think are essential to make valuable connections. We also let you update it whenever you want so you can map any changes that have happened in your life that may effect your connections or the people who might want to get connected e.g. you get a new job or qualification.

'Clip' the things that are important to you into your bio. Get featured as a top user, bio page and more. Get your startup's commercial video featured. Share your website with a fast growing community of people with the same intentions. Share eachother's websites. Promote eachother, create a blog - all in the one place. Sign up now to improve your prospects and let us help you on your quest for online success!

Oh, and one more thing, everything is free.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015