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Ebook Glue is a simple online service that allows bloggers and web developers to turn their ... More

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Published 1 Jul 2013

Quite simply, Ebook Glue is an easy way to convert your written content, like your blog for example, into a downloadable and nicely designed ebook that you can share with your friends and the rest of the world. And while the app is effectively a commercial ebook converter with pricing plans that cater for anything from 1500 conversions to nearly 40,000, there is also a free plan for smaller bloggers that lets you convert up to 25 items each month. EBook Glue gives bloggers the chance to create their own ebook without having to do any of the typesetting and design work themselves.
Ebook Glue provides a free and simple online service that allows bloggers and web developers to turn their content into a downloadable ebook that they can share with the world. This allows you to create a much friendlier reading environment for your readers without having to typeset and design everything yourself. It doesn't matter what programming language, development environment or deployment constraints you have. If you can send your files over HTTP then your words will be easily converted using the app's simple ebook conversion API. Ebook Glue also provides a developer API that allows web developers and businesses to create ePub and Mobipocket ebooks from their existing web sites and documents. The app is easier to integrate and doesn't have restrictive terms of use like Kindlegen. You can use Ebook Glue without worrying about licensing issues. It also takes advantage of...