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eBoss provides recruitment databases and optional interactive websites. It is a front and back ... More

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Published 8 Oct 2011

It is unusual amongst recruitment database software to have a front and back office solution. Most just deal with placing persons seeking employment into possible positions and that's about it really. eBoss turns that around somewhat by providing a total management of clients, candidates as well as jobs...and all from the safety of your web browser.
eBoss is a business domain tool that provides recruitment databases and optional interactive websites. It is a front and back office online recruitment software management solution and provides total management of clients, candidates and jobs. All from your web browser. eBoss features a plethora of software features to make the job of recruiting less painful. Features include CV Parsing, unlimited postcode search, an integrated SMS/ EMAIL / VOIP and job board integration. once you aresigned up you receive free updates for ever, your data is regularly  backed Up & secure and automation of repetitive tasks, intuitive and time saving are standard features. eBoss is simple to navigate, has a full audit trail, workflow management, generous data storage allowances, current data is easily migrated and vacancy management.  Diary & event management, optional web site integration and members area. There are no exit fees and you won't be locked in to long term deals. Phew! As you can see, eBoss is an all encompassing tool that will serve all of your recruitment needs. So what if all your recruitment details are with a different  recruitment company? Simple...they can assist you in the seamless migration from your 'old' provider to the eBoss database system.

eBoss let's you take advantage of the latest recruitment software innovations. It's pretty obvious that they are a highly efficient and impressive business. Pricing plans are available by quote from eBoss but they offer four different plans to cover all your recruitment needs. The interface is simple, direct and easy to use. There are a lot of business recruitment tools around but eBoss deserves your attention if you are serious about employment.

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