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echoecho is an easy way to ask and answer the question “Where are you?”
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Editor's review

Published 6 Dec 2011

I've lost count of the times when I've agreed to meet friends at a particular bar or restaurant and one of us haven't been able to find the place. EchoEcho is a geo-social tool for your mobile that let's you find exactly where anyone in your address book is at any time of the day or night. And they will show you with the added benefit of a map showing you how to find them. Texting your location is like dancing your phone number. EchoEcho shows you exactly where you and your friends are on a map. No more wasting time pruning your friend lists.

Location sharing over smartphones has always been somewhat of a challenge. Some have concerns over privacy, some have problems with the limitations of check-in services. Probably the one of biggest problems concerns battery life being drained by services that constantly broadcast your location. Echoecho lets people request location updates from friends in their phone address book who can then decide whether to respond with their coordinates. EchoEcho requires no sign-up and can be used right away with anyone in your address book. EchoEcho will help you choose and share a coffee shop, bar or restaurant near where you and your friends are anywhere in the world. You'll never wait in the wrong place again. EchoEcho works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and very soon Windows Phone 7.

I'm hearing that Google Ventures have lobbed a whole bunch of money into EchoEcho so i'm thinking that this is a location sharing tool that is going somewhere reasonably fast so watch out for some really cool new features coming soon. The beauty here is that they seem to have come up with an answer to the three most commonly stated concerns about location finders and the real-time search facility. EchoEcho is a very elegant app that lets you find your friends fast and totally free.

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