Developer description

Echowaves is not your typical social network. Things that take it apart from the others:
* Primary focus of echowaves is mobile -- while there is web site, you really want to use iPhone to get the most out of echowaves.
* Echowaves is simple -- simplicity is the main goal, EW offers minimalistic user interface, EW offers limited set of features, but these features are perfected to an extreme.
* Echowaves is all about pictures -- there are no text comments or messages, use your iPhone camera to express yourself or to update your friends on what you are currently up to.
* Echowaves is seriously anti spam -- EW will never send you any emails, EW never asks you about your email.
* Echowaves is taking privacy concerns to an extreme -- EW does not know who you are and never stores any tracking data.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015